Friday, March 28, 2008

People not Planes

Traveling around the area south and east of Stouffville signs like this are a common site.  It appears the government has created a park, however, there is a dark side to this.
In 1972 the federal government of the day decided that an airport was needed in the east  of Toronto. So they expropriated 75 square kilometers or about 18,600 acres of farmland for the project. In 1975 as a result of opposition by local community activists and environmentalists it was postponed.
The land was leased back to the owners. As the properties are vacated they are boarded up and subsequently demolished.
Now the airport debate has reared its ugly head again with great opposition. A decision will be made in 2009 but hopefully it will be shelved again this time permanently.
In the meantime we enjoy our quiet rural area.

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Your EG Tour Guide said...

Hi Ken,
That airport debate has dragged on forever, I agree. 2009? Hmmm.

Parts of East Gwillimbury are on the Oak Ridges Moraine too. A few citizens here just had a fight with the town about a proposed water bottling plant. The town says the property is not on the moraine but the map says it is. The citizens WON! (At least for the time being.)