Saturday, July 5, 2008


I don't know about you but we leave our outside lights on all night and this year to save electricity we switch from incandescent to compact florescent bulbs. We started doing this many years ago at the request of our paper delivery person and continued while our daughter was going through those teenage years. Those years passed (thank goodness) a few years ago so now we leave them on for security purposes. The point of my rambling on is, we get lots of bugs and spiders, which makes coming on going from the house a challenge. So to solve the problem I bought one of those bug lights, they're the ones that are yellow in colour, and to my amazement no bugs.


USelaine said...

Sounds like you have made thoughtful decisions at every step. I'll bet the bugs helped cool things off on the porch, when useful. I saw a newspaper story recently that made me think of you: Beaver Dam building. 8^)

Lisa said...

Hahah, thanks Dad.