Thursday, August 21, 2008


Every morning I painstakingly carve little fluer d lys into round pieces of butter to be served with breakfast. Now,if you think that's amazing you should see what I can do with mashed potatoes!
Actually this how we received our butter one morning from room service. 


Snapper said...

Beautiful! Where is that hotel?

Kim said...

Super shot. In the thumbnail view I thought I was looking at molded shortbread cookies. It's those little things that don't cost anything like using a butter mold at home that could give us a pampered feeling on a Sunday morning without having to pay a king's sum. Then again, most of us aren't "Martha." :-)
Seattle Daily Photo

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Wasn't that a nice touch? Ha! But it wouldn't make me feel at home. ;-)

Lisa said...

LOL. I actually just laughed out loud at my desk. I was going to say, i don't remember you ever serving butter to Mark and I like this!