Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow in the Morning,

rain in the afternoon and flash freezing over night. Millard Street at Bayberry Street.


Rambling Round said...

A wonderful winter wonderland!

ChrisJ said...

Haven't commented recently because I've been away and now have TONS of Christmas stuff to do.
Now about that snow...very pretty to LOOK at.. but all that does for me is to make me glad I'm not out in it!

As for Bruce's Mill, I know I've been there many times, but I just can't place it. I want to think it's somewhere down around Unionville.

Too long ago to keep all these memories straight.

Hilda said...

Eek! Your weather sounds horrid! I already feel freezing when the temp here gets to 20C — I'll never survive yours, I think. Stay warm!

Don't forget to register for the January theme day! And the February 2009 theme poll is up! Please vote if you haven't already :)

babooshka said...

Enjoying these snow pics. It's as pretty as a Christmas card.