Sunday, March 1, 2009

Theme Day-Glass

This broken window is located in an abandoned building at The Brick Works in Toronto.

Today is my one year anniversary at CDP. I can't believe that I have made 366 posts. My initial goal in starting this blog was to improve my photography, make it to one year and then decide whether or not to continue. So thanks for all your kind comments over the last year as they and your blogs have inspired me to continue.
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Fio said...

Happy anniversary :)

I love your interpretation of Theme Day.

m_m said...

Great photo! Nice composition! All the best!

Antjas said...

Love the red Ontario brick with the broken glass. Congratulations on the past year. What an accomplishment.

USelaine said...

An instant classic! Great theme day interpretation.

ChrisJ said...

366 posts??!!! Amazing. Congratulations!

There is a story in this photo if I just had the time to think of one.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I like this one a lot.