Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blowing My Own Horn

One of my travel photos was published on the Sympatico/ web site as part of a photo gallery of the top 15 cities in the world to live. The survey ranked Vienna as #1.


Jacob said...

Congratulatons, Ken! You are one hell of a photographer and I'm glad that you got that kind of recognition!

This is truly a magnificent photograph!

Lisa said...

Lovely photo! One of my personal favourites :)

ChrisJ said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful city. I tried to see if I recognized it before scrolling down, but I couldn't. But then I have never been there. I have to tell you my husband also thinks it is the most beautiful city in the world. He has been there several times. He keeps trying to persuade me to go there, but I'm for wide open spaces. Hence we are going to tour the fjiords of Norway for our 50th anniversary.

You should also know he had his credit card number stolen during one visit there. But then again I had my wallet and credit card stolen in England a couple of years back.

Incidentally, no, he doesn't get a new camera. He gets my old one!
Congratulations on the award!

Julie said...

congrats and this is a great photo. well done!