Sunday, April 19, 2009

Goddess Holding Crow

The Goddess of Winged Victory sits on top of the Princes' Gate at the Exhibition Place.


Antjas said...

I actually recognized this from the few trips we made to the "ex" when I was little. We didn't get to enjoy the "ex" much because my dad always set up his tripod and made us pose and pose some more. So there are a lot of pictures of unhappy people.

Jacob said...

Excellent composition; great light and exposure.

ChrisJ said...

What is it about statues that birds always love to perch on them.

Someone should create a statue just for birds where each bird has a particular perch and only when they are all in place would the statue stand complete. Then they would fly away and the statue would have to wait for the next bird visitors to be complete again. Imagine how many hours photographers would stand and wait for the perfect moment!