Sunday, May 3, 2009

Green Machine

Forget to punch your ticket and you may face the wrath of the transit police. Taken at the Stouffville GO station.


ChrisJ said...

Aaaagh! I can't keep up with you! You really are the Daily Photo guy!

Wet newspapers -- not a problem here after April and until November.

Wasn't quite sure what the Green Machine was, but now I think it is a place to buy your train ticket. We have two of these types of transit methods: the Coaster which takes you down the coast to San Diego -- a pretty ride, and the Sprinter which takes you east from the coast to Escondido. I've done the Coaster but not the Sprinter -- maybe this summer.

White Oleander said...

That's cool...they have the same system is some European countries. How much is the fee?