Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday I talked of going off the beaten path while traveling, well, when we were out and about I noticed this cemetery on top of a hill with a cliff that fell into the ocean. The views were amazing. While walking back to car I saw this eagle sitting on the cliff watching us.


Tash said...

How thrilling! and you were able to take this fabulous picture too.
I've just enjoyed getting caught up on your photos since the railroad many lovely pictures, with interesting subjects and great colors

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I would so much like to capture a photo of an eagle with my camera. What a lovely surprise to come upon one!

freefalling said...

I forgot to say (when I visited this photo the other day) how fantastic it is!
Were you scared he was going to attack you? Do they actually attack or have I been watching too many movies.
We have big wedge-tailed eagles here - I'm always very vigilant when I take my little dog out walking in the bush - I'm scared one will mistake her for a rabbit.

Ken said...

freefalling: It never occurred to me that it might attack. I had a 200 mm lens on my camera so I wasn't that close and I tried not to appear to be a threat. My concern was getting too close to edge of the cliff as it was unstable. I don't know about you but sometimes when taking photos I'm concentrating on what I see through the lens and not what's around me. Lucky this time my voice of reason (my wife) was with me to she warn about the danger.
Would it would attack your dog, I don't know, my worry would be coming across a snake, uck!

ChrisJ said...

Great photo. So much more unusual with the ocean (or lake) as background.